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30 Years after his God-inflicted injury, pastor writes novel about it


February 25, 2018 | Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

30 Years after his God-inflicted injury, pastor writes novel about it

Eli vs God: You Give and Take Away

Reverend John Moelker is extremely thankful for the hockey stick that struck his face with such force that it severed his retina, requiring emergency surgery, on a Thanksgiving Day weekend thirty years ago. His experience in the hospital is still having an impact as Moelker’s first novel, Eli vs God, is based on his life-altering experience that he describes as a very close encounter of the divine kind.

This real life bildungsroman took Moelker out of a high-tech world and into seminary, where he was later ordained as a pastor of the Christian Reformed Church of North America. During his pastorate, Moelker felt inspired to write a fictional novel based on his real-life experiences to highlight the grace of God and the lengths that God will go to bring back his stubborn, stiff-necked children who think they can take on God Himself and win.  John Moelker lost that battle — and he won.

“God doesn’t have to do this with everyone, but with hard-headed and hard-hearted people like me, He sometimes has to smack you upside the head to get your attention.  I’m eternally grateful to God that He did.” Reverend John Moelker

Moelker’s first novel, Eli vs God, follows the adventures of a somewhat naïve young man beginning his career in the high-tech industry in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Readers have found it to be a humorous and endearing story that is very relatable to young people who wrestle with matters of faith and life.  There are many themes found in the novel such as chauvinism and its effects in a #MeToo world, romance, workplace relationships, and death, but the overall theme is God’s providential and very active involvement in the lives of the characters.

For more information about Eli vs God, please visit www.johnmoelker.com or contact Reverend John Moelker at 519-303-0526.

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