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When I started doing some keyword research to promote my Christian novel, Eli vs God, I found it to be quite challenging.  For anyone familiar with keyword marketing, you know that you begin by using your keyword tool and start off by typing in a fairly broad term.  For me, it was Christian Fiction.  The tool will then bring back other terms similar to this one and show you how many people are searching for those terms.  I had to chuckle when I saw a number of terms such as Christian fiction for men, Christian novels for men, or Christian fiction for guys.  I guess you’d call it “guy” fiction.

Now, I’m a guy and I just wrote a Christian fiction novel, but I have no idea what guy fiction really is.

  • Is it a book full of action scenes with very little emotion?
  • Is it full of lines like “I’ll be back!” and “Go ahead, make my day?”  🙂

I’m sorry I’m not a lot of help defining this search term to you guys out there searching for Christian fiction, but I can tell you that my book is written by a guy and it has guys in it.  But it also has plenty of emotion and even some romance.

What guy doesn’t like romance?

But in case that scares you at all, there is plenty of testosterone to go around.  In fact, the entire novel is one giant fight between the main male character, Eli Poole, and the LORD God Almighty.   There is action, maybe even some corny male one-liners, and plenty of suspense and adventure to keep you “guys” interested.   But don’t take my word for it, here are some partial reviews from men who’ve read the book.

Now I don’t know if they’re “girly” men or “manly” men.  I don’t know if they are action-flick fans or chick-flick enthusiasts, but here’s what a few good men had to say about the Christian novel, Eli vs God.

“This is a really great mix of humor and drama, perfect for anyone who wants to increase their faith or is just wondering about spirituality. These are characters you will laugh and cry with, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole story.” — John Matthew Fox

“Eli vs God is a fantastic read! Author John Moelker did an excellent job of capturing readers’ attention and giving them a story they can relate to and learn from.”  — Jared M.

“Interesting story of an awakening faith, with a mix of romance and a sub plot of a mystery in the heart of Toronto.”  — Bob D.

“This is a great book that tells of God’s providence and grace. It is easily relatable to any Christian in any stage of life. I found myself growing in spirit and knowledge as I read.” — Sid

“I really enjoyed this book; I couldn’t put it down. A relatable and captivating story with well placed humor and superb character development. There are a lot of entertaining twists and I would recommend this bildungsroman style story to every type of reader.” — Noah





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