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Book Club Questions for Eli vs God (Word format)

Book Club Questions for Eli vs God (PDF)


Book Club Questions for Eli vs. God


  1. Which character do you feel you can most relate to in Eli vs. God?
  2. Eli’s story is not completely unique. What other characters (fictional, biblical or people you know) have stories similar to Eli’s?
  3. What themes can you identify throughout the book?
  4. If you could ask John Moelker one question, what would it be? (Email John at and he will reply.)
  5. If you could ask Eli one question, what would it be?
  6. Is there any part of Eli’s story that you would have written differently?
  7. Do you feel as if you can relate to any of Eli’s experiences and how?
  8. How does God relentlessly pursue Eli?
  9. What other songs relate to the themes found in Eli vs. God?
  10. Do you think that the way the “world” of Eli is depicted in the book is realistic (eg. Springfield, Toronto, workplace, etc.)?
  11. What do you think are some of the author’s goals in telling this story?
  12. Discuss how religion, church and pastors are portrayed in this book.
  13. Did this book remind you of any other books that you have read?




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