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Christian fiction for men

Christian fiction for men – “guy” fiction

When I started doing some keyword research to promote my Christian novel, Eli vs God, I found it to be quite challenging.  For anyone familiar with keyword ...

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I am a stiff-necked person!

You probably haven't ready too many books with the word, "stiff-necked" in it.   But when a pastor puts pen to paper, or pecks away at a keyboard, you might ...

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Why was Jesus so unimpressive?

Today, on "Baptism of our LORD Sunday," I was privileged to bring God's Word to God's people.  According to the Worship Sourcebook : "The baptism of Jesus is ...

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No, not the picturesque state capital of Rhode Island, but the very tangible thing God does all the time. According to the Heidelberg Catechism,  Lord's ...

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